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"Whether you're in need of the perfect music for a TV spot, an event, or require licensing and supervising services, this duo is an absolute essential.


Daniel Ott and Dominik Schnaitt, both passionate musicians, stand as the primary points of contact for clients across various industries. From live performances and film music production to original compositions and diverse recording projects, these music scene veterans excel in their craft. Schnaitt himself served actively as a trombonist for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Their extensive network spans across all genres, from bands of every kind, jazz, and folk music to global stars in the pop/rock scene, as well as the most prestigious orchestras of our time. Whether it's orchestrating concerts with the Vienna Symphonics in the iconic Golden Hall of the Musikverein Wien or embarking on a stadium tour through Europe's grandest venues:

Headquartered in the heart of Vienna at the world renowned MG Sound Studio, we boast the finest technology and the most exceptional crew money can buy, all under our roof.

MEA-Vienna represents the harmonious blend of musical expertise coupled with robust business and legal acumen. Situated in our studio in the heart of Vienna, we provide the optimal environment for creative processes and top-tier music productions."

About Mea

A technician expertly navigating recording equipment in a Vienna studio.

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A professional recording studio in the heart of Vienna.
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